VANITAS | Melbourne General Cemetery

11:00 AM Melbourne General Cemetery - Meet at the Gatehouse at Melbourne General Cemetery

Vanitas noun vanɪtɑːs/

Still-life painting of a 17th-century Dutch genre containing symbols of death or change as a reminder of their inevitability.

Vanitas mixes podcast-style listening with beautiful visual materials to create an experience that is part documentary, part fantasy. Just like real life there is no narrator, so it is up to you to pull fact from fiction as the world unfurls before your senses.

Blurring documentary with fiction, Vanitas is a reflective thriller about life’s great mystery: death. Experienced through your own smartphone and decrypted through the secret language of flowers, embark on a self-guided walk through Melbourne’s most historic cemetery.

Vanitas was commissioned as part of In Your Hands —a new series of artworks and installations that invite audiences to create experiences mediated through hand-held technology. In Your Hands was commissioned by Arts House through the Australia Council’s New Digital Theatre Initiative.

Who is this for?

This experience is for the curious and questioning, all those who ponder on life’s meaning and how humans approach an ephemeral future. For those who dare to ask the question, “What’s it all about?” For maximum immersion, this personal sensory journey invites participants to listen to the podcast through headphones and move through the experience alone.